Residential Gutter Cleaning Services in Calgary

Somerset Lawn and Snow offer professional gutter cleaning services in Calgary with the latest equipment that ensures shiny and clean results. Cleaning the gutters based on a schedule is very important to prevent blockage of the pipes. Our professionals have been working in this field for a long time and they know the ways to take care of your gutter cleaning needs perfectly. As gutters are an integral part of the drainage system of a property, therefore it is important to keep it clean all the time. We also direct water from the roof to the bottom of the building to find out whether the water is getting away through the drainage system or leaking in the basement.

Advantages of Choosing Our Gutter Cleaning Service

Our cleaning service makes sure that your drainage system does not get clogged by any chance. We are a reputed service provider of gutter cleaning in Calgary, so we always remember to deliver the best services that will resolve the concerns of our customers impeccably. Also, our rates are affordable plus we give as much effort as possible to ensure the perfect finishing of the job.


Moreover, our professionals always arrive on time and then inspect the gutters to decide the approach of the cleaning process. Our philosophy lies in ensuring safety while completing a job in the best manner possible. It is because of this reason we take all the necessary precautions so that you can trust us with the job and continue your daily chore without any hindrance.


Hence, don’t worry about the debris and the leaves because our experts will not only remove them but clean every dirt particle before finishing the job assigned to us. In the end, you will feel happy to have hired our services after we complete the job of cleaning your clogged and unclean gutters.


We use a combination of scoopers, backpack blowers, and pressure washers to do the job efficiently without sacrificing quality.

  • $50/man hour for first 2 man-hours
  • $35 per additional man-hour
  • 2-hour minimum
  • May combine with other services