There are two main ways we can fix up a yard that is overgrown or under-cared for.

The one-day fix.

$50 for the first 2 hours and $35/hr for additional hours.

Commercial grade mowers, pole saws, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, edgers, pressure washer etc. gets the job done right and efficiently.

-Trim back hedges, trees, bushes etc.

-Pull weeds, suckers and unwanted plants from beds and add mulch if needed

-Blow out leaves and debris from beds, behind sheds, under decks etc.

-Clean gutters

-Pressure wash siding, driveways, sidewalks, composite decks etc

-Cut a clean edge between lawn and driveway, sidewalk and walkways.

-Remove old furniture, garbage and debris

Long term maintenance and repair.

Call or email to arrange a meeting to discuss a lawn repair plan including a combination of:

-Partial or complete sod replacement

-Aerate and power rake



-Adding topsoil

-Laying new landscape fabric in the beds and adding new mulch or rocks

-Setting up an above ground sprinkler system with timer and multiple watering zones.