Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Keeping the grass forever green is one of the largest challenges for most of the homeowners. But, the professional lawn maintenance experts will certainly make you feel relaxed. If you want to have proper lawn care and maintenance in Calgary, it is very important to follow some important steps that will keep the green grass in good and healthy condition for long.

When thinking to care for your lawn, it is always important to hire professionals who can offer the best services as per your needs. The professionals from Somerset Lawn and Snow provide convenient and on-demand services (both weekly and bi-weekly mowing). They provide total peace of mind as they are experienced, skilled and experienced in offering complete seasonal lawn care services. The major lawn maintenance services include lawn mowing, aerate and powering rake, tree pruning and tree removal and the hedge trimming. The professionals from Somerset Lawn and Snow offer all these services with great care and provide 100% satisfaction.

Here Are Some of the Great Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance

Feed the Grass in the Proper Manner

Your lawn grass does not have the big root system like the trees or it is very important to regularly feed the grass to maintain the density and also the bright color of the grass. Depending upon the grass and climate, you should apply the fertilizer twice in the year, once in the autumn and the other one is during the spring month. When you are applying the fertilizer, it is crucial to apply it during the mornings. After you apply fertilizer, you should apply water afterward.

Lawn Mowing Practice

There are three steps of lawn mowing-regular edging, mowing and snipping. Do the edging and snipping first. Then you should perform the mowing, with the help of the high and sharp blade. Most of the people do not know that cutting the lawn at a higher point is a good idea. It will keep the weeds away and gives protection against the water evaporation from roots and soil. If you cut the grass short, it will cause stress and cause damage to the grass.

Keep the Grass Wet During the Warmer Months

It is very important to keep the lawn hydrated and healthy. You should adopt a good watering routine during the hot climate. For this, deep watering is the process that is used for encouraging the roots of the lawn for growing deeper roots. Cut the grass from the top layer of the soil where evaporation will certainly damage the grass. The experts also perform a reticulation system for the grasses watered on a normal basis.

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn needs fresh air as well. Proper aeration of the lawn relieves the soil compaction and will allow the air, water, and nutrients to sip down to the roots. The experts will aerate the lawn with the help of the power aerator or the garden fork.

Besides these steps, proper lawn repair is mandatory. You should take help from the experts who can offer proper lawn maintenance services.