Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Calgary

What can be a better addition than trees in a garden? Not only do they offer us shade but also they add beauty to our surroundings. Furthermore, the presence of trees is also important for the wellbeing of the people living around them. However, it is also true that trees require pruning or else it can be a reason for annoyance. Unprinted trees often block roads, driveways, blocks light and even fill the gutter with leaves.


Furthermore, if they come in contact with electric or phone cables then it can lead to worse situations during high winds and in storms. Keeping in mind all these factors, Somerset Lawn and Snow provide the best tree trimming services in Calgary which not only positively influences your trees but also ensures their longevity.

Why the Trimming of Trees is Important?

In actuality, trimming provides numerous advantages to your garden as well as to your trees. First of all, pruning involves removing the diseased, dead or broken branches from both mature and young trees. It is also done for the protection of the property, for the garden as well as for the tree itself. Also, a young tree is pruned to ensure structural enhancement plus pruning is also considered as a caring method for the best growth of a tree. In this way, it is possible to have a desirable structure of a tree when it will reach a mature stage.


Our experts also prune trees keeping in mind the risk of the damage caused by branches during high wind and storm. We also make sure to cut down low-hanging branches in order to remove any kind of interference with vehicular traffic or pedestrian’s way. Somerset Lawn and Snow is one of the most reliable and experienced providers of tree pruning services in Calgary.


Trees that receive the appropriate pruning measures while they are young will require less corrective pruning as they mature.
A good structure of primary branches should be established while the tree is young. These limbs, called scaffold branches, are a mature tree’s framework.


  • $50/man hour for first 2 man-hours
  • $35 per additional man-hour
  • 2-hour minimum
  • May combine with other services
  • Additional dump fee may apply